NH action issues – Jan 2, 2018: Stop HB 372!

2Jan - by Indivisible - 0 - In Action

Concord, NH
NH House Bill (HB)372 Anti-Voter Laws

Help us fight back to protect our constitutional right to vote.  Join us on JANUARY 3!
Wednesday January 3rd 9:15am  State House, Concord

Can’t make it on Wednesday?
There is still time to let our legislators know that they should vote NO on HB372.
Contact Senator Jeb Bradley – contact info here.

The attacks on voting rights never take a break, even for this holiday season.  The State Senate will be voting on HB372 on Wednesday January 3rd.  Let the State Senate know to vote NO on HB 372. 
We all care about the security and integrity of our electoral system – HB 372 is a distraction from the real issues about the security and accuracy of our voting system. This bill would have a chilling effect on the rights of eligible New Hampshire voters in the military, professionals and students. It would make residency a requirement to vote in NH, superseding the present domicile rule. This bill acts as a post-election poll tax where, if a person decides to exercise her constitutional right to vote, that person would now have 60 days to pay the State various motor vehicle fees.