We went to Concord

17Apr - by Indivisible - 0 - In Action

6 of us carpooled to Concord for hearings. While there we helped Monadnock United make videos about SB 3 and SB 193.

Hearings: SB3
Tuesday April 18th 9:30 AM

More information on SB3 is below. If you cannot make it to the hearing, please contact the committee and voice your opposition to SB 3. Email them here: HouseElectionLawCommittee@leg.state.nh.us

From AFSC State House Watch: Election Law, Representatives Hall, SH

SB 3, relative to domicile for voting purposes. Supporters of this bill claim that it is needed to ensure the integrity of the voting process in our state. We fear that proposals such as SB 3 would, in fact, undermine the integrity of our current system.

Our friends at the NH Campaign for Voting Rights suggest these talking points:

1. Government agents will need to check up on the domicile of some voters.  That’s an intrusion on people’s privacy, puts local officials in potential danger, and is a waste of taxpayer money.

2. A voter who fills out an acknowledgement of domicile obligation and then doesn’t provide evidence of domicile within 10 days faces a civil penalty of up to $5000.  People shouldn’t be fined for exercising their right to vote and doing nothing wrong other than not returning to a government agency with certain paperwork.

3. For voters who live at a location that is rented or owned by someone else and aren’t on the legal paperwork—like subletters, transient people, or elderly people who move in with their children—the law states that these voters can establish their domicile by providing a signed, written statement, under penalty of fraud, from the person listed on the paperwork or the property manager.  A person’s right to vote shouldn’t depend on their getting their landlord or some other third party to fill out paperwork.  Voters should be able to submit their own affidavits.

4. The new voter-registration form is multiple pages long and confusing.  You shouldn’t have to have a law degree to be able to vote.

5. A voter who registers within 30 days of an election must provide the precise date on which he or she established domicile in New Hampshire.  That’s an absurd requirement—a lot of people won’t know the exact date on which they moved.

Food Stamp Deform: Exec Session Tuesday on SB 7

The House Health and Human Services Committee held a well-attended hearing Wednesday on SB 7, the bill to restrict food stamp eligibility for families with children.  One of the few who testified in favor was Greg Pfister, the legislative relations director for the Florida-based Foundation for Government Accountability, which authored this model legislation. Pfister was flown in from Missouri to testify. The bill’s lead sponsor, Senator Kevin Avard, claims that the bill would curtail fraud, but this argument was debunked at the hearing. Sadly, he also continues to make the preposterous claim that a millionaire could be eligible for food stamps. You can read more on the hearing at the Union Leader.

The Committee will take up the bill in Executive Session on Tuesday in LOB Room 205.  The session begins at 9:30 AM, but SB 7 is the third bill on their agenda, so we can’t say for sure when it will come up.  NH Voices of Faith will be there, including members who are fasting in solidarity with those who would directly experience the consequences of this harmful proposal.

Education, Rooms 305-307, LOB

9:30 AM SB 191, establishing the kindergarten initiative development support grant program. Translation: this bill calls for $18 million in state funding for full-day kindergarten.

From Casino Free NH:

Just a quick reminder that the SB 242 casino hearing in Ways & Means is tomorrow, Tuesday, April 18.  We hold our press conference at 9 AM, and if you can stand as a backdrop to our speakers, we'd be grateful.  Meet in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building at 9:00 AM, and the conference kicks off at 9:15.  

After the press conference, the Ways & Means hearing starts at 10 AM, LOB Rooms 202-204.  There are four representatives on the fence, so your testimony and/or presence could make the difference. 

Please sign the sheet in opposition to the bill when you go in   You don't need to speak, but you should check in.  If you can't stay for the hearing, please sign the opposition sheet before you leave.

Thanks for being there for New Hampshire!