NH Legislative News & Issues

Here are some links to information about issues on the NH Legislative calendar.
AFSC NH State House Watch is an excellent summary of what is coming up this week, with background on bills, times and locations of hearings, and more. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out! You can subscribe to their newsletter too. Sample:

Tuesday, February 7
Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Room 302, LOB
9:00 AM Subcommittee work session includes HB 321, establishing a commission to study a public option for health insurance.
11:00 AM Subcommittee work session includes: HB 279, the bill to bring back smoking to restaurants, grocery stores, cocktail lounges, and public conveyances (taxis, buses) that are privately owned; HB 358, which repeals prohibitions on using liquor premises for loitering and unlawful activity (Is there a loiterer lobby?); and HB 377, which grants the liquor commission exclusive authority to sell marijuana for recreational use if it is not prohibited by the laws of the state.

The NH League of Women Voters also publishes their take on upcoming legislation here. Also well worth reading; shorter, with less detail. Sample:

On both Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 7 and 8, LOB 308, the House Election Law committee will hear testimony on 12 bills, of which League supports only one… The others we oppose and will so testify on some of them. ACLU and other groups are also testifying against bills that restrict voting access, make voting harder for some, violate the constitution, and in other ways erode our voting rights. Some of the bills seem minor at first, but the cumulative effect is “like being pecked to death by ducks.”

So if you are interested in more detail or organizing an action on those 12 (duck) bills, you can go to the AFSC State House Watch page, which will tell you exactly where and when they are having the hearing on each one.